We promote compostable alternatives to conventional plastic. Products on our scheme have been independently certified to recognised standards. Use our website to find certified products and other consumer information.

Latest News:

  • CMCS issues new applications forms

    We uploaded two new application forms to our website today for home compostable and industrially compostable certification, which can be found here. The forms include additional information in the consents section, providing assurances to applicants regarding the disclosure of confidential information...

    Posted: 23 February, 2022

  • REAL issues compostables labelling guidance for public consultation

    We have developed a guidance document to provide clear information on how to identify independently certified compostable materials. The guidance has been designed for everyone, including consumers, and composting or AD site operators. We are now seeking feedback on the document through public consultation. We would be interested to receive views, particularly on whether the guidance achieves its aim and whether the information is clearly presented. Though we welcome any feedback. The guidance can be found below...

    Posted: 23 November, 2021