Compostable Materials Certification Scheme

The CMCS is a certification scheme for compostable materials placed on the UK market.

For producers, we provide services for the assessment and labelling of compostable finished/end products. For consumers, we provide assurance and confidence in the compostability of certified products. We also provide a platform to check the status of certified products and identify appropriate treatment options.

The CMCS is based on circular economy principles. It promotes the replacement of conventional plastic with biodegradable alternatives which can be recycled into agriculture and horticulture, diverting biowaste away from landfill. In so doing, it also seeks to avoid conventional plastics getting into soil. This helps improve the quantity and quality of biological matter returned to the soil and therefore supports long term soil health.

The CMCS is administered by Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL), which operates a range of third-party certification and consumer protection schemes. REAL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA).

Compostable Materials Certification Scheme