The latest news from the compostable and biodegradable materials industry

The latest news from CMCS

  • CMCS issues new applications forms

    We uploaded two new application forms to our website today for home compostable and industrially compostable certification, which can be found here. The forms include additional information in the consents section, providing assurances to applicants regarding the disclosure of confidential information...

    Posted: 23 February, 2022

  • REAL issues compostables labelling guidance for public consultation

    We have developed a guidance document to provide clear information on how to identify independently certified compostable materials. The guidance has been designed for everyone, including consumers, and composting or AD site operators. We are now seeking feedback on the document through public consultation...

    Posted: 23 November, 2021

  • CMCS launches Twitter page

    We launched our new Twitter page today. Follow us on @CompostableCert for news about CMCS and certified compostables...

    Posted: 22 November, 2021

  • CMA issues Green Claims Code

    The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has issued its Green Claims Code available here. The CMA has also published its final guidance for businesses to help them understand and comply with existing obligations under consumer law. This guidance can be found here...

    Posted: 22 September, 2021

  • Updated FAQs for producers

    REAL has updated their FAQs for producers to include the following: The minimum certification cost for initial certification of one product The key benefits of joining the CMCS The answer to whether a product will pass the IC tests if it has passed the HC tests The updated document can be found on the Certification page of our website here...

    Posted: 30 June, 2021

  • CMA investigation into misleading environmental claims

    The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is carrying out an investigation into how products and services claiming to be 'eco-friendly' are being marketed, and whether consumers could be being misled. The CMA may provide advice to the government for legislative action, based on the information gathered and research undertaken. More information about this can be found here...

    Posted: 13 January, 2021

  • REAL signs letter calling for a ban on oxo degradable plastics

    Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL) was one of 44 signatories to a letter calling on the Government for a ban on oxo degradable plastics. The letter refers to the enactment of a British Standards Institution (BSI) Publicly Available Specification (PAS 9017 ‘Plastics – Biodegradation of polyolefins in an open-air terrestrial environment – Specification’)...

    Posted: 30 October, 2020

  • Compostable Materials Certification Scheme

    The formerly named Compostable Packaging Certification Scheme administered by REAL has been developed and re-named Compostable Materials Certification Scheme (CMCS).  Producers of compostable products, irrespective of whether it is a packaging product, can apply to REAL for certification to the standards detailed on this page of our website here...

    Posted: 27 October, 2020

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