Information for producers


The CMCS offers manufacturers and suppliers of compostable and biodegradable products the opportunity to join a certification scheme for the assessment and labelling of these products, which will ease the identification of certified products for consumers, and support product marketing.

If you are searching for a producer of certified compostable materials, you can find a database of products and the manufacturer’s/supplier’s details on the ‘Certified Materials’ page of our website here.

By joining the scheme, producers can use new marks that have been introduced for products placed on the UK market, and prove that these products have been tested and certified as 'compostable', providing consumers with assurance and confidence in the biodegradability of these products.

Producers that have certified products according to EN 13432 (or EN 14995 for plastic) or AS 5810 / NF T51-800 can demonstrate throughout the supply chain that their products can harmlessly be decomposed through either commercial or domestic composting processes.